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Cowrie shell lure-heavily damaged
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Object ID 001177

Object Name Cowrie shell lure-heavily damaged

Object Desc A heavily damaged cowrie shell (leho) lure.

Collection Navy Collection

Accession # 2015.006

Alternate ID HMR 172A-1.34

General Category Archeology

Category Artifacts

Source Hawaii Marine Research (HMR)

Source Category Bailey House

Accession Date JUN 10,2015


Location KIRC Archives Room

Object Date

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status Awaiting Processing

Object Keywords artifact,activity area,cultural resource,IMLS 2,Luamakika,Moaulanui SW Work Area,Site 172A,marine,cowrie shell,leho,Cypraeidae,

Title Cowrie shell lure-heavily damaged

Arch. Description A heavily damaged cowrie shell (leho) lure.

Collector William Barrera Jr? (WMB)

Collection Date 23 June 1977

Excavated By

Approx Excavation Date

Identified By

Approx Identification Date

Height 0

Length 0

Width 0

Depth 0

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0

Unit of Measure

Dimension Details

Quantity 0

Material Cypraeidae family






Dating Method

Site 172A

Site Details Located near 1250 foot contour of Luamakika Crater, Kahoolawe.