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Coral abrader
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Object ID 001022

Object Name Coral abrader

Object Desc Small piece of a coral abrader.

Collection Kaho'olawe Collection [Bailey House]

Accession # 2011.001

Alternate ID 50-20-97-363E-73

General Category Archeology

Category Artifacts

Source Paul H. Rosendahl, Inc. (PHRI)

Source Category Bailey House

Accession Date FEB 10,2011


Location KIRC Archives Room

Object Date

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status In Collection

Object Keywords artifact,cultural resources,Hommon's Coastal Settlement Zo,Honokoa Arch District,Honokoa Trad. Cult. Prop.,terrace,Honokoa Bay,Honokoa Ili,habitation complex,IMLS 2,coral,file,abrader,

Title Coral abrader

Arch. Description Abrader broken at both ends-3 abraded surfaces (triangular shaped)


Collection Date

Excavated By Melinda S. Allen

Approx Excavation Date December 1982

Identified By K. Delimont

Approx Identification Date 10/13/83

Height 0

Length 1

Width 1.4

Depth 0

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0.7

Unit of Measure Centimeters/grams

Dimension Details Thickness: .9 cm

Quantity 1

Material Coral






Dating Method

Site Site 363E

Site Details Terrace on southwest ridge of Honokoa Bay, Honokoa Ili, Kahoolawe


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Image Caption Small coral abrader

Description Small coral abrader. Digital access image of artifact.

(click for full image)

Image Caption Coral abrader-bottom

Description Bottom of small coral abrader. Digital access image of artifact.

(click for full image)

Image Caption Artifact envelope for coral abrader

Description Artifact envelope with excavation information for small coral abrader (50-20-97-363E-73). Digital access image of envelope.